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David McAdams in the Media 

"Forbes 2014 and 2015 featured Financial Leaders and also named 2015 Memphis Five Star Wealth Manager"

The Five Star Wealth Manager award is based on 10 objective criteria. The award is not indicative of the award winner’s future performance. For more information on the Five Star Program and the research and selection methodology, click here. The url to link to is

Thur Dec 11th 9:40-9:50am CT

KSPA/KFSD Bloomberg Radio w/ Jerry Slusiewicz San Diago/Anaheim/La, CA

Your Money Talks

Topic: Safe Guard Your Digital Estate

Thurs July 2nd 12:00-12:20pm CT

The Exit Coach Radio Show

Topic: 3 out of 4 retirees receiving reduced Social Security benefits

Thurs Nov 20th 4:00-4:30pm CT

IRN-USA Radio Network, The Lori Roth Show, Elk, WA (Nationally Syndicated on 51 stations)

Topic: Safe Guard Your Digital Estate